Posted by: Hackney Tours | November 2, 2009

Bay Blues

It’s been a bad week for the Bay in one of Bookpacking’s favourite cities, San Francisco. A ship spilled hundreds of gallons of oil, then steel parts from a repair to the Bay Bridge collapsed onto traffic below. Three cars were hit, but – amazingly – no-one was hurt.

The Bay Bridge is an awe-inspiring sight as you stand below it on the Embarcadero, like something from a 2001AD comic strip ‘city of the future’. It’s not as famous as the Golden Gate, but it takes almost five minutes to cross.

If it was a dog though, it would have been put down long ago. San Franciscans driving out to Oakland on the lower deck can’t help but look up at all that concrete above them and think back to the Loma Prieta earthquake. On 17th October ’89 part of the bridge’s top deck collapsed, trapping and killing motorists below. This will do nothing for their peace of mind.

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