Welcome fellow travellers to the home page of the Bookpacking blog. It seems to be permanently under construction, but isn’t that a wonderful metaphor for life itself?

Was ist Bookpacking? C’est quoi, Bookpacking? Que es Bookpacking?

‘Bookpacking’ is a term I came up with to describe a more intellectually curious form of backpacking. Bookpacking.com is a selection of city guides for lit-loving travellers who like to get under the skin of the city they’re in.

But here, on this blog, you will find reflective comment on travel, books and life in general. I aim to provide some quality in-depth travel writing, based on my discovery and exploration of the world we live in. You’ll also find some budget travel tips, and a photo essay on an art project I was involved in at Growing Nowhere.

If  the mood is a little contemplative sometimes, it’s a combination of winter and my focus on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall – and the massive changes that swept Central and Eastern Europe as a consequence.

Hopefully it’s not too heavy, and I do try to balance it out with lighter posts. But I believe there is still a place on the web for longer travel articles, and quality writing that goes beyond the usual cliches and demands a little more of the reader.

Maybe I can encourage you or to visit a place you never thought of, or to think about somewhere already know differently. Either way, I hope you can get something out of it. I’d love to hear your comments and feedback (info@bookpacking.com).

See you on the road.

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